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Exercising caution with your oral health includes exercising caution with your diet. If you are not eating properly, all the best oral health care and cleanings will not be able to truly protect your smile. You need to avoid hazardous substances and oral health risks that can arise. Furthermore, never use your teeth for jobs in which they are not designed.

If you want to keep a healthy smile, you will need to always exercise caution with any dietary choices you make. Numerous products are known for causing dental erosions and toothaches, including products that are high in sugars and starches. Extremely sugary products include sodas, sports drinks, juices and gummy candy. Gummy candy is especially dangerous as a sticky and chewy substance that can linger in your mouth long after consumption. The excess sugars and resulting acids will bore into your tooth enamel and speed up the rate in which erosion occurs.

Furthermore, avoid starchy products such as potato chips, as they can also be turned into acids in your mouth and more easily get stuck between your teeth. Other common risks associated with tooth hazards from your diet include the product packaging in which foods and drinks come in. Never try to open bottles or any other similar products with your teeth as your teeth are not designed for this task. If you are not careful, you can end up severely damaging your teeth and gums.

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